Corporate governance

The governance of Kindred Group plc is based on the Maltese Companies Act, the regulatory system of Nasdaq Stockholm and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance, as well as other relevant Maltese laws and regulations. Kindred Group plc applies a transparent and structured internal and external reporting policy.

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Kindred Group plc is the Parent Company of the Kindred Group, incorporated and registered in Malta and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm through Swedish Depositary Receipts, SDRs, issued by Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB (publ).

Foreign companies whose shares or depositary receipts are admitted to trading on a regulated market in Sweden are required to apply either the Swedish Code, or the corporate governance code in force in the country where the company has its registered office, or the code of the country in which its shares have their primary listing.

If the Company does not apply the Swedish Code, it must include a statement describing in which important aspects the Company’s conduct deviates from the Swedish Code.

The Board of Directors of Kindred Group plc decided from the first listing date at the Nasdaq Stockholm, as far as practical, to apply the principles of the Swedish Code.

  • The audit committee

    The audit committee is comprised solely of independent Directors. All have the relevant accounting and financial management expertise.

    • Kristofer Arwin
    • Nigel Cooper
  • The remuneration committee

    The remuneration committee is responsible for issues relating to Directors’ and officers’ compensation, including the review and overview of all remuneration plans, policies and programmes of the Group.

    • Peter Boggs
    • Sophia Bendz
    • Stefan Lundborg

The nomination committee

The nomination committee for the 2017 AGM consists of:

  • Evert Carlsson
    Swedbank Robur Fonder (Chairman)
  • Jonas Eixmann
    Andra AP-fonden
  • Olof Jonasson
    Första AP-fonden
  • Yvonne Sörberg
    Handelsbanken Fonder
  • Anders Ström
    Chairman of the Board of Directors

The nomination committee can be contacted at the following address:

Kindred Group plc, Msida Road, Gzira GZR1402, Malta

or by email to


Board & management

The Board of Directors and the management of the Kindred Group are structured in accordance with the European two-tier system with a Chief Executive Officer (CEO), who is subordinate to the Board of Directors, who is in turn elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

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The board’s work during the year

The Board and its Committees usually meet every second month throughout the year.

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Compliance & Regulations

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