Board compensation

All Board Directors are elected at the AGM and the remuneration is recommended by the Nomination Committee and conditional upon approval at the AGM.

The Group does not operate any form of Directors’ retirement benefits or pension scheme, and thus no contributions are made in respect of any Director. All Directors have rolling service contracts without notice periods. The auditors are required to report on the information contained in the following two sections of this report on Directors’ Remuneration.

Total emoluments (audited)
All information concerning emoluments and interests of the Directors is presented on the basis of continuity from the date of their appointment to the Board of Directors of the Kindred Group. Total emoluments of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee who served during the year are set out below.

The closing price of the Company’s SDRs at 30 December 2016 was SEK 85.55, and it ranged from SEK 73.20 to SEK 107.90 during 2016.

GBP 000
GBP 000
2016 Total
GBP 000
2015 Total
GBP 000
Anders Ström, Chairman160.0140.0300.0268.4
Kristofer Arwin75.38.083.370.3
Sophia Bendz61.35.066.348.0
Peter Boggs65.33.068.360.3
Nigel Cooper105.320.0125.3112.3
Peter Friis53.3-53.348.3
Therese Hillman²57.310.067.348.0
Stefan Lundborg-88.988.979.3
Executive committee
Henrik Tjärnström, CEO798.0-798.0663.8
Other executive management1,324.4-1,324.41,448.1

Directors’ interests (audited)
The Directors’ and Executive managements’ beneficial interests in the shares/SDRs of Kindred Group plc as at 31 December 2016 are set out below:

 Ordinary shares/ SDRs at 31 December 2016Ordinary shares/ SDRs at 31 December 2015Performance Share Rights at 31 December 2016Performance Share Rights at 31 December 2015Share options at 31 December 2015
Kristofer Arwin5,6405,640---
Sophia Bendz7,6167,616---
Peter Boggs112,240112,240---
Nigel Cooper49,90040,000---
Peter Friis2,0002,000---
Therese Hillman¹-1,560---
Stefan Lundborg403,600320,000---
Anders Ström, Chairman10,266,20011,760,000---
Executive committee
Henrik Tjärnström, CEO1,325,8671,307,152151,16014,335-
Other executive management52,65121,600526,72626,6186,781