Work of the board

The Board has written Rules of Procedure for its ways of working. A formal schedule sets out those matters specifically reserved for the Board and its Committees. Those matters include decisions on Group strategy and direction, acquisitions, disposals and joint ventures, capital structure, material contracts, corporate governance and Group policies.

The Board of Directors has adopted written instructions for the CEO. The roles of the Chairman and the CEO have been established in writing to ensure the clear division of responsibilities and this has been agreed by the Board.

At least once a year the Board reviews the relevance and appropriateness of the Rules of Procedure and the reporting structure and Instructions as well as the instructions to the CEO.

Sustainability perspective
The Board of Directors has established relevant guidelines for the Group’s sustainability, with the aim of ensuring its long-term capacity for value creation. Sustainability for the Kindred Group has a number of different aspects:

Responsible gaming and player safety – as part of a customer-centric strategy.

Compliance with laws and regulations – as a major player in a highly regulated industry.

Best practice in corporate governance – as fits a high value publicly-listed company.

Environmental impact – addressed both through disclosure and our decision-making.

Employee engagement – as part of our commitment to play in our communities.

Tax policy – so Kindred Group pays the right taxes in the right territories as part of its contribution to wider society.

Corporate policies in each area have been approved by the Board.

The Board work during 2016
The Board and its Committees usually meet every second month throughout the year. The number of Board and Committee meetings attended by each of the Directors during the year can be seen in the table below.

 Board­²Audit CommitteeRemuneration Committee
Number of meetings held654
Kristofer Arwin65-
Sophia Bendz4-3
Peter Boggs6-4
Nigel Cooper, Deputy Chairman65-
Peter Friis5--
Therese Hillman¹44-
Stefan Lundborg6-4
Anders Ström, Chairman6--