• Henrik Tjärnström

    Title: Chief Executive Officer
    Nationality: Swedish
    YOB: 1970
    Employed since: 2008
    Current assignments:

    Chairman of BOS - Branchföreningen för Onlinespel (the industry association for online gambling in Sweden)

    Board member of EGBA, European Gambling and Betting Association

    Previous assignments:

    Long before he was appointed CEO in 2010, Henrik Tjärnström was a part of the Kindred Group (then Unibet Group). Tjärnström joined the Board of Directors in 2003 and was part of the Board until when he stepped into the role as Chief Financial Officer in 2008.

    Mr. Tjärnström holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Institute of Technology, Linköping University, Sweden.

    Before joining the Kindred Group, he was employed as Senior Financial Manager at Skanska Infrastructure Development AB from 2001 to 2008.

    Holdings: 1,371,578 SDRs and 145,731 PSPs.

  • Albin de Beauregard

    Title: Chief Financial Officer
    Nationality: French
    YOB: 1978
    Employed since: 2011
    Previous assignments:

    After various positions in Finance in the Bouygues Group, Albin de Beauregard joined Eurosportbet as Chief Financial Officer in 2009 and when the Kindred Group (then Unibet Group) acquired Eurosportbet in 2011, Mr. de Beauregard was appointed Chief Financial Officer France for the Group until 2014 when he moved to London to take the role as Strategic Finance Projects Manager and most recently Head of Internal Audit. Mr. de Beauregard was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Kindred Group in 2016.

    Mr. de Beauregard holds a Master’s degree in Finance and Accounting from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce et de Management, a French ‘Grande Ecole’.

    Holdings: 2,025 SDRs

  • Ebba Ljungerud

    Title: Chief Commercial Officer
    Nationality: Swedish
    YOB: 1972
    Employed since: 2010
    Current assignments:

    Non Executive Director of the Board, Paradox Interactive

    Previous assignments:

    Ebba Ljungerud joined the Kindred Group (then Unibet Group) in 2010 when she took the role as CCO of Maria. Ms. Ljungerud has international experience from several different gaming brands and holds more than ten years of experience in the media industry. Ms. Ljungerud served as a Marketing Director as well as Executive Vice President for Swedish companies, focusing mainly on print and online media.
    From 2014 to 2016 Ms. Ljungerud was Chief Programme Officer of the group, and in 2016 she was appointed Chief Commercial Officer of the Kindred Group.
    Ms. Ljungerud holds a Bsc in Economics from Lund University.

    Holdings: 10,727 SDRs

  • Britt Boeskov

    Title: Chief Programme Officer
    Nationality: Danish
    YOB: 1978
    Employed since: 2005
    Current assignments:

    Previous assignments:

    Britt Boeskov joined the Kindred Group (Unibet Group) as a Management Trainee in 2005, and joined the Group’s executive management team in 2008, first as Head of Marcom Services, then in 2009 as Chief Operations Officer, and most recently as Chief Programme Officer in 2016. She has experience in leading complex strategic and transformational C-level projects, and from managing Kindred's online and mobile gambling products. Britt holds a Master’s degree in Management from Copenhagen Business School.

    Holdings: 8,927 SDRs

  • Marcus Smedman

    Title: Chief Technology Officer
    Nationality: Swedish
    YOB: 1969
    Employed since: 2013

    Previous assignments:

    Marcus Smedman has been a part of the Kindred Group since 2011, where he joined the Tech team as a consultant. Since then he has held various roles as Team Leader, Head of Development Australia and Head of Development global. In January 2015 Mr. Smedman was appointed Chief Technology Officer being responsible for Kindred Tech strategy and operation globally.

    Mr. Smedman has worked in the IT industry since the mid 1990's, working as a java developer, teamlead, development manager and more.

    Mr. Smedman has studied Electronics and Computer Science at Uppsala University.

    Holdings: 2,491 SDRs

  • Rhodri Darch

    Title: Chief Strategy Officer
    Nationality: British
    YOB: 1978
    Employed since: 2009
    Current assignments:

    Non-Executive Director, Ltd

    Previous assignments:

    Rhodri Darch has worked in the online gambling industry since 2006 and has been a part of the Kindred Group (then Unibet Group) since 2009 when he joined as Head of the Payments department. Mr Darch was appointed Chief Programme Officer in 2010 and Chief Strategy Officer in 2014. He holds extensive experience with web and mobile product development, innovation research and delivery, customer experience, customer intelligence, and corporate strategy.
    Before entering the gambling industry, Mr Darch was a Captain in the British army for 6 years.
    Mr Darch holds a BSc (Bachelors of Science) from The University of Birmingham.

    Holdings: 8,927 SDRs

  • Fredrik Kjell

    Fredrik Kjell CPO

    Title: Chief Product Officer
    Nationality: Swedish
    YOB: 1981
    Employed since: 2016

    Previous assignments:

    Fredrik Kjell has ten years' experience in the online gambling industry, with eight years spent on the B2B side, before joining Kindred (Unibet Group) in January 2016. Mr. Kjell’s previous roles include Head of Poker at Ongame, Director of Product at Amaya (now The Stars Group), and Commercial Manager at NYX Gaming Group. Within Kindred Group, Mr. Kjell held the position as Head of Gaming before being appointed Chief Product Officer. Mr. Kjell was enrolled at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden, where he studied Software Engineering & Technology at Bachelor level and later an MSc in Intellectual Capital Management.

    Holdings: 0 SDRs

  • Tommi Maijala

    Title: Chief Commercial Officer Malta
    Nationality: Finnish
    YOB: 1976
    Employed since: 2009

    Previous assignments:

    Tommi Maijala holds strong experience from the online gambling industry through his roles as Director and CEO of the iGame Group. Mr. Maijala became part of the Kindred Group (then Unibet Group) when the Group acquired iGame in 2015 and he was appointed Chief Commercial Officer Malta leading the Group's operations in France, UK and Australia in December 2016.

    Before joining iGame Group, Mr. Maijala worked with large companies like Wartsila Corporations and Nordea.

    Mr. Maijala holds a Master of Laws from the University of Helsinki and a Master of Science in Economics from Aalto University.

    Holdings: 18,000 SDRs

  • Gavin Hayward

    Title: Chief HR Officer
    Nationality: British
    YOB: 1964
    Employed since: 2012

    Previous assignments:

    Gavin Hayward holds over 25 years of HR experience gained in a variety of sectors. Mr. Hayward was appointed Chief HR Officer of the Kindred Group (the Unibet Group) in 2012.
    Before joining the Kindred Group, Mr. Hayward was part of Siemens plc over a period of 10 years.

    He has worked at board level within multisite and multinational organisations and has worked with HR management at both strategic and operational level.

    Mr. Hayward is Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, holds a Higher National Diploma in Business and Finance, and a Post Graduate Diploma in HR Management from Manchester University.

    Holdings: 4,459 SDRs